Teenager Leaves His Glasses On The Floor And Everyone Thinks It's Art

27 May 2016, 10:58

Man takes pictures of glasses

This leads us to ask, what exactly IS art?

It's true that art is subjective. It's open to your own individual interpretation and some pieces of art speak more to some people, than others.

But what about a pair of glasses? How would you interpret them? Are they art?

Teenager TJ Khayatan and his friends thought it would be hilarious to leave a pair of glasses on the floor of a museum and see what would happen.

And people reacted in the way they expected.

They stood back, taking in the pair of glasses and waiting for the meaning to hit them.

They took photos, they discussed, they pondered the meaning of life...

Little did they know it was all part of a prank.

BUT if it made people stop and wonder, maybe it IS art? Hmmmm.... we're confused.

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