This Dog Can Dance To Wham! Better Than You Probably Can

11 July 2016, 12:50

Bulldog dancing to wham

This is why dogs are the GREATEST!

There's no denying Wham! had some pretty catchy tunes...

When we hear 'Club Tropicana' or 'I'm Your Man' we can't help but tap our toes.

There's someone else who can't keep it together when they hear music from the iconic '80s duo and that's two-year-old French-English bulldog Minnie.

Her owner Jeff Wynne filmed the pooch rocking back and forth in rhythm with 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' while the music video is playing on the TV.

"Often music will set her off doing this," Jeff from Ireland told the Daily Mail. "No one knows why she does it. The vets have checked her and say she is happy and healthy. They think it could be a form of tic in her head as sometimes she really zones out and you can't interrupt her while she's doing it."

Well, we don't like to be interrupted when we're dancing wildly around the living room either... although we can't use tics as an excuse.

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