School Closures

Cars in snow

When the weather closes in, we've got the most comprehensive list of school closures in the West Midlands area.

Heart will have all your school closure information in the West Midlands. Below is the list of closures, or partial closures, as we have it.

This list is updated constantly as we get more information into the Heart West Midlands Broadcast Centre, so keep it bookmarked to find out what is going on in the West Midlands.

If your school isn't listed as being affected, then we have not been informed  by the Head Teacher.

Listen to Heart using the LISTEN LIVE button above and we'll give you latest news and updates on the situation in the West Midlands.

Nigel Freshman 6am-10am, will have the very latest at Breakfast and Charlie Jordan on your way home 4pm-7pm, will update you with any fresh info for the next day.


The list below is for schools that are closed, or partially closed on xxx

If you school doesn't appear in the search results, it's because it's not on the list

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