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About Paul Phear

Paul Phear

Join Paul Phear every Saturday night from 6pm with the Saturday Smooth Sanctuary. Four hours of the best relaxing music.

  • Paul knew he wanted to be in radio from the age of 13
  • Paul has worked as a newspaper photographer, a record shop assistant and for a magic trick manufacturing company
  • Paul likes to try his hand at being an amateur magician
  • Paul has worked in radio since the early 1980s. So he knows what he is doing!
  • Paul has two daughters and is a proud Grandad to Daisy
  • Paul loves the theatre, having seen nearly every show in the West End and beyond
  • Paul's played one off cameo roles in several West End shows, including An Inspector Calls, The Ladykillers and Spamalot

Join Paul Phear for the Great British Songbook every Saturday from 8pm and every weekday afternoon from 1pm.

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