6 podcasts that are perfect for running or walking

26 July 2021, 18:05 | Updated: 27 July 2021, 09:55

Running podcasts
Running podcasts. Picture: Getty/Global/Scott Smith

If you're heading out for a jog or a stroll, then sometimes some gentle distractions in your ears can help you keep going in your fitness goals.

While music can be the perfect running tonic, you might prefer something that makes you think or laugh (don't get embarrassed if you do the latter!).

We've picked just a few of our favourite podcast series that we recommend for taking with you on your next jaunt down the park or in the gym.

  1. RunPod

    RunPod. Picture: Global

    Smooth's own Jenni Falconer fronts this weekly run club, and is joined by special guests who share the passion for running. You'll hear top training tips, the mistakes along the way, and some inspirational stories.

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  2. Something Rhymes with Purple

    Something Rhymes with Purple
    Something Rhymes with Purple. Picture: Somethin' Else

    Train your mind as well as your body with this fun podcast from Countdown stars Gyles Brandreth and Susie Dent. Hear the origins of language and the genuinely fascinating history of the words we use.

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  3. Daily Boost

    Daily Boost
    Daily Boost. Picture: Scott Smith

    This little 9-minute podcast series will give you coaching tips and keep you motivated on any fitness or mindfulness journey you may be on. Host Scott Smith brings his unique, straight talking, and funny, coaching and motivation style.

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  4. Stuff You Should Know

    Stuff You Should Know Podcast
    Stuff You Should Know Podcast. Picture: iHeartRadio

    This podcast series are mini history lessons on all kinds of subjects, from true crime to science to sport and more, all in a humorous and fascinating tone. It's amazing what you could learn while out for a jog!

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  5. Storybound

    Storybound. Picture: The Podglomerate

    Immerse yourself into a world of intriguing stories from a wide variety of authors, all with brilliant soundscapes. It will keep you going when you'd normally be flagging as you'll want to know what happens next!

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  6. Running Commentary

    Running Commentary
    Running Commentary. Picture: Running Commentary

    For some funny encouragement, join comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering as they talk about life and comedy, and running, whilst running.

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