Christmas number ones

QUIZ: How well do you remember Christmas number ones?

Quality Street

QUIZ: Can you guess the Quality Street flavour from just the wrapper?

John Lennon

QUIZ: How much of a John Lennon fan are you?


QUIZ: Can you identify these famous slogans?

Mamma Mia

Quiz: Which ABBA song best describes your personality?

End of year poll

VOTE in Smooth's 2018 Poll: What's your favourite movie, TV show, artist and more of the year?

Christmas adverts

QUIZ: How well do you know the nation's favourite Christmas TV adverts?

Musicals quiz

QUIZ: How well do you know your favourite musicals?

Foreign language

QUIZ: How many of these foreign phrases do you know?


Quiz: Can you name these famous moustaches?

Take That

QUIZ: Which Take That song is the soundtrack to your life?

Horoscope quiz

QUIZ: What is your musical horoscope?