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Quality Street Toffee

Rejoice! Quality Street tins have brought back the Toffee Deluxe

Old pound coins

Still have old pound coins? Here's where you can still spend them

Painter singer

Watch this painter bring people to tears when he steps in for an ill opera singer

Rubis wine

Aldi is now launching Christmassy chocolate flavoured wine

Billy Joel and Alexis

Billy Joel is going to be a dad for the third time

Wham! Last Christmas

Could Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' be this year's Christmas number one?

stevie wonder & george michael

Stevie Wonder has TV viewers giggling with cheeky joke: 'George Michael is white?'

Orange Smarties

Orange Smarties are finally getting their own tubes

Freddie Mercury / Rami Malek

Here's the first look at the Freddie Mercury movie

Tina Turner

The Tina Turner musical has found its new Tina

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has zero plans to retire: "I’ve got so much left to do"

Prince George

Prince George's favourite movie is revealed, and it's a classic


You can now drink beer or wine in the shower thanks to this gadget

Drinks at the bar

Can we guess your favourite alcoholic drink?