Four Tops Temptations Tavares T&Cs

Terms and conditions
The following rules (“Rules”) together with Communicorp UK ("Communicorp UK ") general and competition terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) (which can be found at Smooth North West apply to Four Tops, Temptations and Tavares ("the Competition") which will run on the 26th of April 2024. The "Radio Station" is Smooth North West.
Anyone who enters the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them. The Terms and Conditions are available on request from the Radio Station.
Details of the Competition:
To enter the Promotion, you must listen to the Breakfast Show (6:00-10:00) on Smooth North West and text in with the keyword given out on air and your answer to the question the presenter asks to 65588 (the ‘Text Message Line’).
The opening and closing times of the Text Message Line will be given out on air. Entries received before or after this time will not be included in the Promotion but may still be charged.
We are not responsible for any latency experienced by your mobile phone network, which may delay the delivery of text messages to and/or from us.
Text messages will be charged at standard network rates. Standard rate text messages to promotion shortcodes are not normally included in ‘inclusive’ packages and may be charged. If entry is made by text message, be sure to use the correct shortcode. In all cases, please check with your service provider for more details and charges. If you are not the bill payer, you must obtain the bill payer’s permission before entering.
Once the Text Message Line has closed, all eligible entries will be entered into a draw. One correct entry will be selected at random and the entrant will be contacted by one of our representatives via telephone on the number on which you entered. If the entry is ineligible, we reserve the right to select another entrant to participate in the Promotion or withdraw the prize and select another entrant, as applicable.
If you are this entrant, you may be asked to have a call with a presenter, during which you may be required to answer a further question or questions or complete a further task(s). That call will either be broadcast live or pre-recorded for future broadcast. You must answer your telephone when we contact you. Someone else cannot answer the phone, participate or accept a prize on your behalf. If: (i) you fail to answer the phone; (ii) someone else answers the phone; (iii) the call goes to voicemail; (iv) the call becomes disconnected; (v) you are not (or do not seem to us to be) in a position to safely and/or lawfully take or remain on the call (for example, if you are or seem to be driving); or (vi) you are not audible or intelligible or we are not able to conduct a conversation with you in a manner that is suitable for broadcast for any reason beyond our control (including, but not limited to: low/no signal on your device, a call is dropped by any network, you are travelling, there is too much background noise or feedback, etc.); before or during the Promotion, you may be disqualified and we reserve the right to select another entrant to participate in the Promotion or withdraw the prize and select another winner, as applicable. If you have complied with all applicable terms and conditions, and if you are successful (including correctly answering any questions and/or successfully completing any tasks, as applicable) then you will be declared the winner of the Promotion.
Entry is restricted to people aged 18 or older.  
Entry is restricted to one entry per person; duplicate entries will be removed.  
Entrants must reside within one of the following postcode districts:
BB BL CH CW FY L LL111, LL112, LL113, LL114, LL115, LL116, LL120, LL127, LL128, LL129, LL181, LL182, LL183, LL184, LL185, LL186, LL197, LL198, LL199 M OL1 1, OL1 2, OL1 3, OL1 4, OL101, OL102, OL103, OL104, OL111, OL112, OL113, OL114, OL115, OL120, OL126, OL127, OL128, OL129, OL130, OL138, OL139, OL150, OL158, OL159, OL161, OL162, OL163, OL164, OL165, OL2 5, OL2 6, OL2 7, OL2 8, OL3 5, OL3 6, OL3 7, OL4 1, OL4 2, OL4 3, OL4 4, OL4 5, OL5 0, OL5 9, OL6 6, OL6 7, OL6 8, OL6 9, OL7 0, OL7 9, OL8 1, OL8 2, OL8 3, OL8 4, OL9 0, OL9 6, OL9 7, OL9 8, OL9 9, OL951 PR SK101, SK102, SK103, SK104, SK105, SK110, SK116, SK117, SK118, SK119, SK121, SK122, SK130, SK131, SK132, SK135, SK136, SK137, SK138, SK141, SK142, SK143, SK144, SK145, SK146, SK148, SK151, SK152, SK153, SK164, SK165, SK221, SK222, SK223, SK224, SK1 1, SK1 2, SK1 3, SK1 4, SK2 5, SK2 6, SK2 7, SK3 0, SK3 8, SK3 9, SK4 1, SK4 2, SK4 3, SK4 4, SK4 5, SK5 6, SK5 7, SK5 8, SK6 1, SK6 2, SK6 3, SK6 4, SK6 5, SK6 6, SK6 7, SK6 8, SK7 1, SK7 2, SK7 3, SK7 4, SK7 5, SK7 6, SK8 1, SK8 2, SK8 3, SK8 4, SK8 5, SK8 6, SK8 7, SK9 1, SK9 2, SK9 3, SK9 4, SK9 5, SK9 6, SK9 7 SY131, SY132, SY133, SY134, SY147, SY148 WA WN

Winner will win 2 x tickets to see The Four Tops, Temptation and Tavares on their choice of the below 2 dates:
1st of September at M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool
4th of September at the o2 Apollo in Manchester

£50 sent via bank transfer. Winner will need to provide ID for us to be able to arrange BACS transfer.

An overnight stay in a double room in either Manchester or Liverpool, depending on the date and location of show you choose.

Prize is non exchangeable.

No cash alternative.

Prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.  
Any other costs and expenses which are not specifically included in the prize description are excluded and will be the sole responsibility of the winner.  By way of example, without limitation, travel is not included within the prize. 

We will contact you via text and phone after the competition has finished. If you do not respond within 24 hours, we reserve the right to select an alternative entrant. This will mean your entry is void and the prize is forfeited. 

Once we have successfully made contact with you, we will aim to get the prize or prize instructions with you within 7 days.