Kevin Costner has blown our minds with fact about Whitney Houston on The Bodyguard poster

26 January 2021, 15:02

The Bodyguard
Picture: Warner Bros

By Tom Eames

The Bodyguard has one of the most iconic movie posters of all time, showing Kevin Costner carrying Whitney Houston in the rain.

The poster for the 1992 film sees Costner’s bodyguard carrying Whitney's pop star Rachel Marron out of a nightclub, after a riot breaks out at a show.

However, it turns out... that’s not actually Whitney.

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The shot for the poster didn't take take place on the day the memorable scene was filmed, but Costner knew it would make for a perfect poster.

'That wasn’t even Whitney actually," he told Entertainment Weekly.

The Bodyguard poster
The Bodyguard poster. Picture: Warner Bros

The 64-year-old actor said: "[Whitney] had gone home and that was her double, and her head was buried into my shoulder, which was appropriate anyway. She was frightened."

Costner also took credit for choosing the final image itself, and that it was taken by his photographer friend Ben Glass: "I sent it to Warner Brothers and I go, 'There’s the poster.'"

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The movie starred Costner as ex Secret Service agent Frank Farmer, who is assigned to serve as a bodyguard for singer Rachel Marron, played by Whitney.

The Bodyguard was a huge hit, taking in $400million worldwide, and selling countless copies of its soundtrack.

Costner and Whitney remained close friends for years, and he even spoke at her funeral in 2012.

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However, he has credited their onscreen chemistry to Lawrence Kasdan’s screenplay: “[It was a] very funny, acidic kind of relationship that was unique. His own rhythm of language that I knew would create [sparks].

“It just caught [Whitney] at a really high moment or actually created a high moment for her. The words provide the chemistry in a way.”