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Oncologica can sort your Covid-19 PCR Day 2 and Day 8 Laboratory Travel Tests for Mandatory Government International Travel.

They aim to provide results in < than 24 Hours from the return from Coronafocus Self-Sampling PCR Kits to their lab.

They are the first private testing lab to be listed as a private provider on the Government GOV.UK website for day 2 and day 8 coronavirus international
travel arrivals.

With Oncologica you will get a clear and recognised results certificate:

1 Scientist's signature
Each certificate is signed by a registered clinical scientist in accordance with the regulatory authorities.

2 Clear Results
The certificate includes personal information, test results, date of sample receipt at the laboratory, the date the swab was taken.

3 Helpline and phone validation
There is a dedicated number for confirming the validity of the certificate by airport authorities.

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