Billy Connolly at 75: 8 of his best ever moments

24 November 2017, 12:00 | Updated: 24 November 2017, 14:21

Billy Connolly

He's one of the world's most popular comedians, and today he celebrates his 75th birthday.

Billy... sorry... SIR Billy Connolly has had many incredible moments during his long and successful career, so it's pretty hard to narrow them down.

Here are just a handful of his most memorable clips ever...

1. His incontinence knickers routine

Billy had all his guests in tears of laughter when documenting what it must be like to go to the disco while dealing with incontinence for An Audience With... Just look at Robbie Coltrane's face.

2. His wife joke on Parkinson

This was arguably the moment that sent Billy into the mainstream. Incredibly risqué back then, still absolutely hilarious today.

3. Reaching number one with 'DIVORCE'

Billy managed to score an even bigger hit than Tammy Wynette's country original with this rather rude parody. We still laugh like 8-year-olds when he spells out 'BUM'.

4. His wildebeests stand-up routine

Who would have guests that nearly 10 minutes of reenacting a nature documentary about lions stalking wildebeest would be so funny?

5. Slagging off Donald Trump

During his Route 66 series, Billy bemoaned how Trump tore down a rather beautiful building in the States, before pondering what the world be like if he became President. Whoops...


6. Raising money for Comic Relief

Billy was one of the mainstays of the fundraiser, and filmed some hard-hitting short films from Africa, including a classic family reunion of a father and his two children after a decade apart. Oh, and he also streaked around Piccadilly Circus.

7. Mucking about with Kenny Everett

There's something so simple yet absolutely hilarious about this sketch:

8. Being actually a very good actor in Mrs Brown

We still think he was robbed from being nominated for an Oscar for his role in this drama opposite Dame Judi Dench. He was at least nominated for a BAFTA and a Screen Actors Guild award.