Who is Dean Lewis? 'Be Alright' singer's age, career and new album revealed

15 October 2018, 16:56

Dean Lewis
Picture: Universal/Island

By Tom Eames

Dean Lewis is one of the most promising new singer-songwriters around right now.

His new single 'Be Alright' has been a big hit around the world, but when can we expect a full album?

Here's all you need to know about the talented star:

  1. Who is Dean Lewis and how old is he?

    Dean Lewis is an Australian singer and songwriter from Sydney.

    He was born on October 21, 1987 and celebrates his 31st birthday in 2018.

    Dean was inspired to have a career in music after watching a live Oasis DVD in 2005. He said: "I remember watching Liam Gallagher walk out with this hat and red jacket and watching him with Noel, they were just the coolest guys ever.

    "I spent the next five years watching every Oasis video – Noel Gallagher basically taught me how to write songs."

    Before releasing music, Dean was a sound engineer, and set up live shows for other artists. After a few years of uploading his music to YouTube, a friend of his came in contact with a woman in music publishing, and set them up with a meeting. After writing songs for other artists, he found it “frustrating and unfulfilling”.

  2. Dean Lewis songs: What music has he released?

    Dean Lewis released his debut single 'Waves' in 2016, and it was a number 12 hit in his native Australia.

    He followed this with the singles 'Need You Now', 'Lose My Mind' and 'Chemicals' from his debut EP Same Kind of Different.

  3. Dean Lewis - 'Be Alright' - what is the song about?

    In June 2018, Dean released 'Be Alright'. The ballad reached number one in Australia.

    It also reached the top five in New Zealand and Sweden, and the top 40 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and six other countries.

    He said of the song: "'Be Alright' is actually written about a few different relationships, some were mine and some from friends, I took little bits and pieces from each experience and combined them into one song."

    He added: "For people worried about me cause the song's so sad – trust me I'm OK… the song is actually about hope and knowing that in the end things will work out, surrounding yourself with good people.

  4. When will Dean Lewis release his debut album?

    Dean Lewis' debut studio album is expected at some point in 2019.

    It will likely include 'Be Alright' and other new songs.

    Dean has said of his first album: “I think a lot of people are in their rooms writing songs, thinking it's not good enough or wondering why your voice doesn’t sound like everyone else's.

    "But those things you think are weaknesses are actually your strengths. It’s what makes you unique. And after a bit of time, it’s the thing that gives you confidence.”