5 tech tips and gadgets to give you a much easier life

4 June 2018, 00:00

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We are very lucky to live in an age where very clever folks have come up with genius gadgets that can vastly improve our lives.

TV presenter Amanda Lamb has picked out just a few tech tips that can help make your life a whole lot easier and safer:

1. Make hoovering fun

Let’s start with something that no one enjoys… hoovering!

Robot vacuum cleaners are changing all that. These beauties motor around your home and ‘learn’ how to tackle obstacles. With wifi you can control them from an app or check out how they’re getting on if you’re out.

2. Actually getting your parcels

Being out is exactly where video doorbells come into their own.

They let you monitor your front door or talk to delivery people when you’re not there, so no more parcels left in weird places!

3. No longer trying to find your keys

Smart locks have the potential to be big too. Think about the way lots of car keys work now – automatically unlocking your car when you walk up to it.

By being ‘connected’, smart locks offer exactly that kind of function – and they can send you notifications so you know when your kids have arrived home safely.

4. Make your home the right temperature before you get back 

Next up are smart thermostats.

They use your home Wi-Fi to allow you to control them from your phone – and that means that you can set the temperature when you’re not there or make adjustments that will save you energy.

5. Checking your smoke alarms when you're not even there 

Although they’re not the most glamorous, they could be one of the most important connected things you buy.

Smart smoke detectors can let you know when something’s up wherever you are.  And here’s the best bit… Wi-Fi connectivity means that you can work them from your phone or an app too – so no more prodding your detector with a broom to turn the alarm off!

Amanda Lamb

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