6 weird albums by celebrities you never knew existed

5 July 2018, 16:02 | Updated: 6 July 2018, 10:05

Bruce Willis album
Picture: Motown

By Tom Eames

When a celebrity gets to a certain level of fame (or boredom), they decide whether it's time to make an album.

Even if no-one has asked for it, there have been many occasions where outside the world of music have given music a go.

While some have surprisingly worked (Hugh Laurie, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez), others were just downright bizarre.

Here are some incredible examples:

  1. Nick Knowles - 'Every Kind of People'

    Nick Knowles album
    Picture: Commercial Marketing

    We're not sure how or why this came about, but TV presenter Nick Knowles released his own album in 2017.

    Following on from the likes of fellow TV stars Alexander Armstrong, Bradley Walsh and even Jason Manford, Nick was not able to follow their success, and reached number 92 in the UK album chart.

  2. Mr T - 'Mr T's Commandments'

    Mr T album
    Picture: Columbia

    You couldn't escape Mr T in the 1980s, and he even tried giving music a go.

    The album sees the A Team legend guide the youth of America with lessons on love, not talking to strangers, being good to your parents, doing homework and saying "no" to drugs. Fair enough.

  3. Steven Seagal - 'Songs from the Crystal Cave'

    Steven Seagal album
    Picture: WSM


    The title of the album says it all.

  4. Bruce Willis - 'The Return of Bruno'

    Bruce Willis album
    Picture: Motown

    It's easy to forget that before Bruce became an action hero in Die Hard, he was taken seriously (sort of) as a musician for a while.

    At the height of his Moonlighting fame, Bruce released this album on Motown, and had people like Booker T and The Pointer Sisters on the jazz/R&B record. It performed pretty well, with his single 'Under the Boardwalk' reaching number two in the UK.

  5. Robert Downey Jr - 'The Futurist'

    Robert Downey Jr album
    Picture: Sony

    Before he had a major acting comeback in 2008's Iron Man, Robert released this album in 2004, which included eight self-penned songs and a cover of Charlie Chaplin's 'Smile'.

    He has since said he has no plans to release another album, but he has sung a few songs on soundtracks of his films.

  6. Jackie Chan - Loads of albums

    Jackie Chan album
    Picture: Rock Records Japan

    We know and love Jackie Chan for his many action movies and stunt work, but did you know he was also a prolific singer?

    since the early 1980s he has released over 20 albums, singing over 100 songs in over five languages, and even released his own version of the official 2008 Beijing Olympics soundtrack. Because why not?