7 of Whitney Houston's greatest duets, from Mariah Carey to George Michael

13 April 2018, 11:22 | Updated: 13 April 2018, 11:24

Whitney Houston and George Michael

Whitney Houston had undoubtedly one of the greatest voices of the 20th century. So it must have been a daunting task to sing a duet with her.

But Whitney teamed up with some of pop and soul's greatest icons throughout her career, and we've picked our very favourites...

1. 'When You Believe' (with Mariah Carey)

Despite many reports at the time claiming that the two biggest divas on the planet hated each other, Whitney and Mariah proved this was not the case when they joined forces for this power ballad.

Co-written by R&B producer Babyface, the song was used for the soundtrack of animated movie The Prince of Egypt, and was probably the most memorable thing about the film! It ended up winning an Oscar for Best Song in 1999.

2. 'We Didn't Know' (with Stevie Wonder)

This was a mild hit in the States for Whitney and Stevie in 1992, having recorded it for Whitney's album I'm Your Baby Tonight two years previously. 

The song was written by Stevie, and is about two long-time friends that realize that they have romantic feelings for each other, and that they "didn't know" until now.

3. 'Could I Have This Kiss Forever' (with Enrique Iglesias)

This slow Latin ballad was taken from Enrique's first English-language album in 1999, and was a big hit around the world.

Whitney and Enrique had never actually met in person, as both of them recorded the song in separate studios. The pair eventually met in the studio when the song was being re-recorded, and this new version was released by Whitney as the first single from her 'best of' album Whitney: The Greatest Hits.

4. 'It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be' (with Aretha Franklin)

Whitney joined up with idol and the Queen of Soul Aretha for this song on Aretha's 1989 album Through the Storm.

It was only a mild hit at the time, with one critic dubbing it "an embarrassing failure for both Franklin and the previously pop-perfect Whitney Houston". Ouch.

5. 'I Know Him So Well' (with Cissy Houston)

In 1987, Whitney recorded a cover of this classic musical number with her mother Cissy Houston, and it was released as a single from Whitney's second album.

Considering that the song is about two women who are lamenting about their relationship with the same man, it was a bit of an odd choice, but we'll let that slide.

6. 'If I Told You That' (with George Michael)

This song first appeared on Whitney's 1998 album My Love is Your Love as a solo track. George's vocals were later added to the song when it featured on her greatest hits package in 2000.

Michael Jackson was originally meant to appear on the song, but George later took it on instead. It was a top 10 hit for the duo in the UK.

7. 'You're a Friend of Mine' (with Dionne Warwick)

In case you didn't know, Dionne and Whitney were cousins!

Here, they appeared on stage together for a sweet performance on the show Solid Gold in 1985, which Dionne hosted.