The 14 worst and most stupid quiz show answers ever

29 November 2017, 15:45 | Updated: 29 November 2017, 17:08

Stupid quiz answers

We've all watched quiz shows on TV and found ourselves shouting at the downright stupid answers given by the contestants.

"I'd so much better than this guy," we've all caught ourselves saying.

But we wouldn't be surprised that as soon as you actually appear on a quiz show, all your amazing pub quiz knowledge suddenly disappears.

Having said that, we'd like to think that we would never give answers as foolish as these people:

1. Beg, Borrow or Steal

Jamie Theakston: "Where do you think Cambridge University is?"

Contestant: "Geography isn't my strong point."

Theakston: "There's a clue in the title."

Contestant: "Leicester."

2. University Challenge

Bamber Gascoigne: "What was Gandhi's first name?"

Contestant: "Goosey?"

3. The Weakest Link

Anne Robinson: "In the Lord’s Prayer, what word beginning with 'H' meaning 'blessed' comes before 'be thy name'?"

Contestant: (quietly) "Howard."

Anne: (incredulously) "Pardon?"

Contestant: (louder) "Howard."

4. Tipping Point

Ben Shepherd: "What day is Christmas Day traditionally celebrated in the UK?"

Contestant: "Wednesday."

5. LBC

James O'Brien: "How many kings of England have been called Henry?"

Contestant: "Well, I know Henry VIII. So, um, three?"

6. Family Fortunes

Les Dennis: "Name a bird with a long neck."

Contestant: "Naomi Campbell."

7. The Chase

Bradley Walsh: "Name the television naturalist the 'Attenborosaurus' dinosaur is named after."

Contestant: "Erm... pass."

8. Pointless

Alexander Armstrong: "Who was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas?"

Contestant: "JR."

9. Blockbusters

Bob Holness: "What 'L' do you make in the dark, when you don’t consider the consequences?"

Contestant: "Love?"

Bob: "No, I’m sorry, I’m afraid the actual answer was 'leap'."

10. Family Feud

Steve Harvey: "Name something that follows the word 'pork'?"

Contestant: "Cupine."

(Think about it, it's actually genius).

11. Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Host: "Which European country is Budapest the capital of?"

Contestant: "This might be a stupid question. I thought Europe was a country? I know they speak French there, don't they? Is France a country?"

12. Quizmania

Host: “We're looking for an occupation beginning with 'T'.”

Contestant: “Doctor.”

Host: “No, it's 'T'. 'T' for Tommy. 'T' for Tango.”

Contestant: “Oh, right... (pause)... Doctor.”

13. Perfect Recall

Terry Wogan: "Which Duke resides at Woburn Abbey?"

Contestant: "Hazzard."

14. University Challenge

Jeremy Paxman: "What is another name for 'cherrypickers' and 'cheesemongers'?"

Contestant: "Homosexuals."

Paxman: "No. They're regiments in the British Army, who will be very upset with you."