8 excellent podcasts available for free on Global Player right now

30 March 2020, 17:35 | Updated: 15 January 2021, 15:49

Smooth Podcasts
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More than ever, people are on the lookout for fantastic podcasts to keep us entertained and stimulated.

We know you love your music and entertainment, and so we've put together a quick list of just some of the best music-related podcasts that are available right now on Global Player.

Check them out!

  1. Switched on Pop

    Charlie and Nate
    Charlie and Nate. Picture: Vox/Switched on Pop

    What makes pop songs so catchy?

    Musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding team up for thix Vox podcast series, in which they delve into why certain pop hits work so well.

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  2. An Interview with Elton John

    Smooth Radio sat down with legendary artist Sir Elton John last year, and it's a fantastic one-off special.

    Elton talks to Angie Greaves about his life and career, in a year that saw his movie Rocketman and his autobiography ME released.

    Download and stream here.

  3. Disgraceland

    Jake Brennan Talks Disgraceland Podcast, Snoop Dogg Episode, And More! | Exclusive Interview

    This music podcast series looks into various true crime stories related to music and the world's biggest artists.

    Episodes have tackled everyone from the Rolling Stones to Amy Winehouse to Bob Marley and more. It's always a guaranteed fascinating listen, and a must for all music fans.

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  4. Dolly Parton's America

    Dolly Parton's America

    This nine-episode series explores the notion that despite whatever else might be happening in the world, everyone loves Dolly Parton. But why?

    This question leads to a personal, historical, and musical rethinking of the great icon.

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  5. Stalking Time for the Moon Boys with David Baddiel

    David Bowie
    David Bowie. Picture: Getty

    Here, David Baddiel and his friend Tim Hincks talk all things related to rock icon David Bowie.

    Each humorous episode touches upon various aspects of Bowie's life and music and how it applies to their own lives.

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  6. The Hang with Gregory Porter

    Gregory Porter - The Hang Podcast

    Gregory Porter invites his friends to hang out, talk and perhaps even sing about their life and career.

    The soul singer's intimate conversations cover all things music and art, family and food, celebrity mishaps and tackling discrimination.

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  7. Films to Be Buried With

    This podcast from comedian Brett Goldstein sees him discuss the films that shape the people we are after we watch them.

    Brett speaks to a different guest each week, as they delve into their favourite movies and what they mean to them.

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  8. Two Geeks, Two Beers

    Two Geeks, Two Beers
    Two Geeks, Two Beers. Picture: Two Geeks, Two Beers

    Tom and Morgan discuss a different cult TV show, movie or video game each episode, with the help of beer and Google.

    Each episode is a mini-history lesson of a chosen subject, such as Doctor Who, Back to the Future and James Bond, with random tangents aplenty.

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