Aretha Franklin’s solo version of ‘Never Gonna Break My Faith’ is finally released

24 June 2020, 12:40

Aretha Franklin’s solo of ‘Never Gonna Break My Faith’ released with Boys Choir of Harlem
Aretha Franklin’s solo of ‘Never Gonna Break My Faith’ released with Boys Choir of Harlem. Picture: Getty

By Rory O'Connor

Aretha Franklin’s previously unreleased solo version of 'Never Gonna Break My Faith' has been put out by RCA Records, RCA Inspiration and Legacy Recordings.

The previously unreleased recording now features the Boys Choir of Harlem.

The song was originally released as a duet between Aretha and Mary J. Blige for the 2006 film Bobby, with the Grammy Award-winning song co-written by Bryan Adams.

The new music video features old footage of protests spliced in with modern day protests.

Watch the video for 'Never Gonna Break My Faith' here:

Aretha Franklin - Never Gonna Break My Faith (Official Video) ft. The Boys Choir of Harlem

In a statement, about the song he'd co-written, Bryan said: "When I wrote this song, I was channeling Aretha, never thinking that she’d ever actually sing the song.

"The thought was to write a hymn, something that would try and articulate the feeling of faith, and that even though you might have lost something, there would always be an inner light to guide you.

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"When the song was demo’d, I told the producers that Aretha would be the one to sing this — and sing it she did.

Aretha Franklin performing with James Brown
Aretha Franklin performing with James Brown. Picture: PA

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"This solo version has been sitting on my computer for years, and when I heard [Sony Music’s Creative Officer and longtime producer and friend of Franklin] Clive [Davis] was making a film on Aretha’s life, I sent this version to him.

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"The world hasn’t heard her full performance and it really needed to be heard. I’m so glad it’s being released, the world needs this right now."

The song explores racism and police brutality while inspiring hope.