The best 2018 Halloween costumes that everyone will want to wear

5 October 2018, 18:27

Halloween Costumes
Picture: Universal / ITV2 / Sony

By Sofia Rizzi

This year’s Halloween costumes have raised the bar – here are the best outfits that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Mamma Mia

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    Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again returned to cinemas and had us all dancing to ABBA once again. Searches for the film have increased by 1,636% this year so there's no doubt it'll make a show-stopping costume.

    Costume: Expect to see flares, loose beach waves and well, more flares, this Halloween.

  2. Tonya Harding

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    Margot Robbie brought ice skater Tonya Harding to the big screen in I, Tonya earlier in the year and rekindled our love for the unassuming ice-skating Olympian.

    Costume: You’ll only need a leotard, some sparkles and a ridiculous bright blue eyeshadow to recreate this look. Simple.

  3. Slender Man

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    Another film-inspired costume, Slender Man will be the ultimate creepy costume this year.

    Costume: Flesh-coloured tights around your head and a suit, maybe stilts if you’re really invested.

  4. Love Island contestant

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    It’s been everyone’s guilty pleasure this summer, so unless you want to look like an absolute melt, crack on and make yourself a 'peng sort' this Halloween.

    Costume: You might be chilly, but swimwear is a must for this one. Carry a piece of paper that says ‘100% my type’ too – it’ll get the lols.

  5. Stranger Things

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    Will, Eleven and the gang came back for Season 2 of Stranger Things this year, and we predict that lots of us will want to dress up as these cool kids. Dressing up as underdog Barb will go down a treat, or scrap sweet and innocent Eleven from the first season and don her new punky look this year.

    Costume: Slicked back hair, lots of black eyeliner and pale face powder (and a demagorgon in your bag, obviously.)

  6. Donald Trump

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    The US President is one of the most googled men on the planet. He also has a ridiculous tan and fluorescent hair that are oh so inviting for a Halloween costume.

    Costume: Suit, fake tan, blonde wig, an annoying pout and a pocket full of 2018’s worst phrases. Maybe build yourself a wall fort too if you have the time and energy.