Forgotten duets: Watch when David Bowie sang with Tina Turner

26 November 2017, 10:00 | Updated: 25 June 2018, 15:26

The latest entry in our Forgotten Duets series sees us travel back to 1985, when two pop powerhouses joined forces for one night only.

You may remember that David Bowie collaborated with Tina Turner on 'Tonight', a cover of the Iggy Pop song for his 1984 album of the same name (though it was only credited to Bowie).

A year later, David was a surprise guest during Tina's concert at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

The pair performed the track together, and three years later it was included on her live album Tina Live in Europe. She also released it as a single, but it was not available in the UK.

David Bowie and Tina Turner

It was a rare opportunity to see two iconic singers from different walks of life performing together at the height of their powers.

Earlier this year, Tina revealed that David once told her that he "loved" her during his Reality tour in 2004. 

She said: “I saw him, he was performing some place in Brussels and I went to see him.

“He was just in a shirt, trousers and a guitar and almost acapella and that was the actual last time I went to his dressing room and said hello and talked about the show.

“I remember the last thing he said. He said, ‘I love you Tina’ and I said ‘I love you David.'"