7 things literally everyone does when they’ve got a day off

Lazy generic

Because cereal is a perfectly acceptable lunch, and no-one can tell you otherwise.

1. Actually getting up nice and early to make the most of the day
Think how productive you’ll be, all the things you’ll achieve before most people have even made it to their desks! *checks clock* Ah, well maybe one more snooze.

2. Stay in your pyjamas until *at least* 11

And even then that’s only because really, at some point, you have to shower.

3. Drink way too much coffee before noon
Who’s gonna tell me not to? NO-ONE.

4. Tell your S.O. ‘I’ll make us something nice for dinner’
You’ve got so much extra time, what’s stopping you? You can nip to the shops, get some nice ingredients and slow-cook something really special. Or y’know, pasta and pesto again.

5. Plan to do something exciting but never really manage it
‘Today is the day I’ll finally start writing that screenplay I’m always telling people about’, you’ll say. You will not start it. Far better to enjoy yet another hour of that game you bought and never got round to playing.

6. Eat breakfast for lunch
Is it ok to have cereal again, three hours after you just had cereal? Yes it is. Eat the cereal.

7. Order a cheeky takeaway

Look, no-one will judge you. Apart from maybe the bloke dropping the food off. But just think how amazing that large pizza and a side of chicken wings will be at 3pm. You can walk it off tomorrow.

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