Kim Appleby: 6 facts about the Mel & Kim singer

5 July 2018, 17:05 | Updated: 6 July 2018, 09:42

Kim Appleby
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By Tom Eames

Kim Appleby was one half of the popular 1980s duo Mel & Kim, and she's back in a new TV series.

Kim joins Midge Ure for a TV road trip in Smashing Hits! The 80's Pop Map of Britain & Ireland, and here are the big facts about the talented singer and actress.

  1. Who were Mel & Kim?

    Mel & Kim
    Picture: EMI

    Mel & Kim were a pop duo consisting of sisters Melanie and Kim Appleby.

    The duo reached number one in the UK with their 1987 single 'Respectable', which also topped the US dance chart. They had three other UK Top 10 hits with 'Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend)', 'FLM' and 'That's the Way It Is'.

    Tragically, Mel passed away at the age of 23 on January 18, 1990 from pneumonia following treatment for metastatic paraganglioma. When her sister was diagnosed with cancer, Kim took time out of her career to nurse her for two and a half years.

  2. What are Kim Appleby's biggest songs?

    After Mel's death, Kim embarked on a solo career in the early 1990s.

    With the help of her boyfriend at the time, ex-Bros bassist Craig Logan, Kim's debut solo album comprised of songs co-written with Mel, for what was intended to be the next Mel and Kim album.

    The album, Kim Appleby, contained her debut solo single 'Don't Worry', which reached number two in the UK in 1990. The follow-up 'G.L.A.D' was also a top 10 hit.

    Her second album, Breakaway, was not as successful, and she has not had another top 40 hit since then.

    However, she has continued to record music, including 2007's 'High' and 2016's 'What's Not to Love'.

  3. What is Kim Appleby doing now?

    Kim Appleby is currently said to be working on her long-awaited music comeback.

    In 2018, she told Classic Pop magazine that she hopes to release her third solo album in the near future.

  4. How old is Kim Appleby?

    Kim Appleby was born on August 28, 1961.

    She celebrates her 57th birthday in 2018.

  5. Does Kim Appleby have any children?

    In 1979, Kim Appleby gave birth to a daughter named Sharma, when Kim was aged 17.

    She has said that her maturity came from becoming a mother at a young age, stating that she "grew up overnight" and that she "changed and became a better person because of it".

  6. Who were Mel and Kim's parents?

    Kim Appleby was born in Stoke Newington to a Jamaican father and white British mother.

    She grew up in Hackney, where her childhood was reportedly spent in poverty. Her parents split when she was 15.