Forgotten duets: When Diana Ross sang with Michael Jackson

12 November 2017, 14:00 | Updated: 24 June 2018, 01:23

The latest entry in our 'Forgotten Duets' series comes from two artists who were very close throughout their careers.

Taken from Diana Ross's 1981 TV special Diana, the Motown legend began singing her then-new track 'Upside Down'.

Already a great performance, she then decided to bring up her good friend Michael Jackson for an impromptu duet of the song.

No gimmicks, no autotune, no miming, just pure brilliance between the pair.

"I love you!", you can hear Michael shout towards his idol and former record label colleague.

Much has been speculated over the years surrounding Diana and Michael's friendship, and whether it ever became romantic. In July 2009, it was revealed in Michael's will, that he had named Diana as the next-in-line guardian for his children, after his mother, Katherine.