Silverlake Automotive Recycling

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Silverlake Automotive Recycling can help you to drive down the cost of your motoring with low-cost auto parts.

Silverlake Automotive Recycling is one of the UK's leading vehicle recycling and scrap yards and they are well known in the local area for providing scrap car collections, cheap car parts, online salvage auctions, salvage repairables and cheap car tyres.

They are currently breaking over 1500 vehicles for car parts and have over 150 Salvage vehicles for sale and over 1000 vehicles on Auction at any one time.

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Visit them:
Silverlake Yard
Row Ash, Botley Road
Shedfield, Hampshire, SO32 2HL

Call them
We buy any vehicle - 01489 772240
- 01489 772233
- 01489 772244
- 02380 229999