Alison Moyet facts: Yazoo singer's age, husband, children, songs and more revealed

25 April 2023, 15:50

Alison Moyet performs in 2019
Alison Moyet performs in 2019. Picture: Getty

Alison Moyet burst onto the scene in the early 1980s and became one of the decade's greatest singers.

Known for her powerful bluesy voice, Alison Moyet first came to prominence as half of the synthpop duo Yazoo alongside future Erasure star Vince Clarke.

Since then, she has scored huge success as a solo artist.

Alison has sold over 23 million records worldwide, with all nine of her studio albums and three compilation albums reaching the top 30 in the UK.

  1. How old is Alison Moyet?

    Full name Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet, she was born in Billericay, Essex, on June 18, 1961. She celebrated her 61st birthday in 2022.

    She was born to a French father and English mother, and grew up in Basildon.

    After leaving school aged 16, she worked as a shop assistant and trained as a piano tuner.

  2. How did Alison Moyet get her music break?

    Alison Moyet Performs At The Prince's Trust Concert In Wembley in 1987
    Alison Moyet Performs At The Prince's Trust Concert In Wembley in 1987. Picture: Getty

    When she was 20, Alison's pop career began in 1982 when Yazoo were formed alongside former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke.

    Vince and Alison both grew up in Basildon and attended the same Saturday music school when they were 11.

    Alison had spent her teens singing in various punk and blues bands, and placed an advert in the UK weekly music magazine Melody Maker in late 1981 asking for musicians to form a "rootsy" blues band.

    The only reply she got was from Vince, who had recently surprised the industry by quitting Depeche Mode after their debut album and three hit singles, all of which he had written.

    They didn't know each other, despite being in the same class at school. Vince had seen her sing live a few times. Knowing she had a great voice, he was looking for someone to sing on a demo of a song he had written called 'Only You'.

    He said in 2008: "When I left Depeche I wasn't sure I'd still have a record deal and was keen to play the label something of my own, so I wrote the song 'Only You' but needed someone to demo it with. Alison happened to be advertising in a local paper so I called her."

    The duo's biggest hits were 'Only You', 'Don't Go', 'Situation' and 'Nobody's Diary', and they released two albums.

  3. What are Alison Moyet's biggest songs?

    Alison Moyet - Is This Love?

    As a solo artist, Alison Moyet's most famous songs include:

    • Love Resurrection
    • All Cried Out
    • Invisible
    • That Ole Devil Called Love
    • Is This Love?
    • Weak in the Presence of Beauty
    • Love Letters
  4. Is Alison Moyet married and does she have children?

    Alison Moyet with daughter Alex in 2016
    Alison Moyet with daughter Alex in 2016. Picture: Getty

    Alison Moyet's first marriage was to hairdresser and retired London firefighter Malcolm Lee. The couple had a son named Joe together, but they later divorced.

    She also has a daughter named Alex with former partner Kim McCarthy, and a daughter named Caitlin with her second husband David Ballard.