12-year-old Irish busker dubbed 'the next Adele' wows US TV viewers

31 January 2018, 11:23

Irish busker Allie Sherlock appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in America this week, and has described the experience as "amazing".

The 12-year-old singer from Cork was invited to Los Angeles to meet OneRepublic singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder, after he saw one of her videos on Instagram.

Tedder - who has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Adele and Paul McCartney - flew Allie and her dad to LA to record a few songs.

While there, she made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's hugely popular TV talk show, performing Adele's track 'A Million Years Ago'. Watch the amazing clip above!

Speaking about the experience on Tuesday (January 30), Allie said: "That was pretty amazing because I absolutely love her show and she was just so nice and friendly and I was really nervous and during the break she was saying me to calm down and she was just so nice about it which made everything much easier."

Ellen also gave Allie a special present to help with her busking. "She gave me a guitar case with lights with light up words saying TIPS", Allie said.

On her future ambitions, she added: "I'm not quite sure yet because I'm so young. But I would like to be a singer. I absolutely love singing, it's just something that I have always loved."

So what do you think? The next Adele in the making?