Andrew Ridgeley and Piers Morgan have heated moment after George Michael questions - video

20 June 2018, 10:08

Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley had an awkward exchange with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain today (May 20).

Morgan was shut down by Andrew live on TV after he was quizzed about the loss of George Michael.

After Andrew made it clear he didn't want to discuss the subject, Piers continued to press him.

“You don’t like discussing the past, do you?” said Morgan.

“Well I didn’t think that was why I was coming on today,” Andrew explained.

“I thought I was going to talk about [my charity cycle race].”

Following the exchange, Morgan blasted Andrew on Twitter, saying: “Many thanks to Andrew Ridgeley for being such an insufferable d**k today — much appreciated."

It wasn't long before other Twitter users criticised the TV presenter, with one fan saying: “He wanted to talk about the charity & not himself. Fair play to him." Another added: “The irony of that comment coming from you.”

Andrew had only appeared on Good Morning Britain just under a month ago, in which he spoke about the loss of George Michael.

On that occasion, he said: "As anyone would miss an old friend, sometimes, not all the time of course.

"There are occasions where it springs to mind one of your close group has gone. It's a great sadness. It was a great sadness for everyone."