Bob Dylan looking awkward during 'We Are the World' recording is absolutely hilarious

27 October 2017, 11:07 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

'We Are the World' was America's equivalent of Band Aid. Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, etc etc. Everyone was in it.

And then there was Bob Dylan. Undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. But perhaps not exactly the kind of star you'd expect in such a big pop anthem.

A video has resurfaced showing Bob attempting to sing along to the charity track, and it's one of the funniest things we've ever seen. Watch it in full above.

Either Bob hasn't rehearsed the lyrics, or is simply has no idea why he was there in the first place.

It's made even funnier when you spot John Oates of Hall & Oates fame putting him to shame in the background.

We feel your pain, Bob.

Now see if you can get through his rehearsal clip without spilling your tea: