Bros reveal biopic movie plans: "Our lives have been sensational"

9 July 2019, 16:00 | Updated: 9 July 2019, 16:07

By Tom Eames

Bros made perhaps the most surprising music comeback of recent years in 2018.

Twins Matt and Luke Goss won a new legion of fans over Christmas, when their amazing documentary After the Screaming Stops became a sleeper hit.

The hilariously moving film followed the Goss brothers as they reunited for a special show, following decades away from the spotlight, while also repairing their own broken relationship.

Since then, they've continued their comeback with a series of live gigs, and an upcoming special night of TV dedicated to their lives and careers.

Now, they've revealed to Smooth Radio's Kate Garraway that a biopic about their lives is currently in the works.

"We’ve definitely been approached for that," Matt told Kate. "I personally would rather do one sooner than later, because I don’t think it should always be at the end of your career, because I think there can be two. There’s many great artists that have had three or four.

Bros and Kate Garraway
Bros and Kate Garraway. Picture: Smooth/Global

"We have been approached, and it’s something very exciting to me. The documentary is the tip of the iceberg. As revealing as it was, in real time, our lives have been sensational in good and bad ways.

"I don’t think people would believe the journey that we’ve been on personally, as well as professionally. It’s quite an extraordinary story."

The boys also confirmed that new music is just around the corner.

"I can say that we’re very, very close to actually being able to say it exactly – but it’s very, very profound what we’ve managed to work out," Matt said.

"And we will, without question, start a new album very, very soon. But very seriously. It’s something that is really powerful, and it won’t come until it is— but we’ve got the most incredible team that we’ve assembled.

On what kind of music fans can expect, Luke said: "We both accepted that I have definite tastes. They’re all kind of inspired by an amazing group of artists, as has Matt.

"And the melee of that, those two influences, will truly provide, I think, the most authentic Bros album ever."

A Night in with Bros airs on July 19 on BBC Four at 10pm.