Watch Ed Sheeran sing 'Vincent' with Don McLean backstage - video

21 August 2018, 09:41

By Tom Eames

As practice sessions go, this is pretty special.

Ed Sheeran joined one of his heroes at a special concert in America this weekend, and they also enjoyed a backstage jam session.

Don McLean and Ed were filmed practicing the former's classic song 'Vincent' before performing on stage together for UCLA Health and Teen Cancer America.

Ed strummed his guitar while singing the lyrics to the Vincent Van Gogh tribute track with the legendary McLean.

The pair also took turns to sing the verses to the classic ballad.

Impressed, Don said: "Ed is a quick study... turned out great."

He later added: "Tonight I had the honor of performing with 3 of my favorite artists. Roger Daltrey, Ed Sheeran, and Van Morrison. They are the finest artists and the finest people I have met in this business."

Don also shared photos with Ed Sheeran, Roger Daltrey and Van Morrison from the big charity event.