Elton John reveals the one song he HATES performing live

6 February 2018, 15:46

Sir Elton John is busy planning his epic three-year tour, but it seems that there's at least one song he'd rather not play.

If there's one thing Elton doesn't like about playing live, it's performing certain hits over and over again.

He admitted: "There are certain songs that you think, 'Ugh, I gotta f***in' sing that one again!'"

When asked which songs in particular he wasn't a big fan of, he said: "Probably 'Crocodile Rock!' But the audience love it and, y'know, it's a guilty pleasure, as they say."

The first 60 international shows for the 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' tour went on sale last week, and obviously all of them sold out immediately.

Elton also revealed another aspect of touring that he won't miss. "I love to play live. I hate the traveling," he said at a recent press conference.

"There's nothing better than going and pleasing an audience. And I'm so lucky as a musician, I get feedback every night from an audience." 

He continued: "It must be hard for a movie actor to do movies all the time, and then sneak into the premiere and then sneak out again and never really get feedback. Musicians are so blessed because they get that."

Elton also said that he doesn't mind playing to tough audiences. "Nothing is like playing to another human being.

"Sometimes you start and some countries are a little colder than others and you have to get them going, but that's all part and parcel of your craft. And that's part and parcel of why you're a professional musician. "

He added: "You never give in, you never say, 'I can't be bothered. I always wanted the audience to have the best time. And I wanna have the best time."

Elton recently performed his classic 'Tiny Dancer' at the 2018 Grammys with Miley Cyrus. Watch the video below: