Boy who swore at Five Star on live TV finally apologises to group 30 years later

23 September 2019, 14:08

Five Star on Going Live in 1989
Five Star on Going Live in 1989. Picture: BBC

By Tom Eames

It was one of live TV's most shocking ever moments, and it has now finally had a happy ending.

Back in 1989, family pop group Five Star were appearing on Saturday morning children's TV show Going Live, and were taking part in a live phone-in from 'fans' at home.

Suffice to say, it didn't go down well.

Caller Elliot Fletcher decided to be very naughty indeed, by asking the group: "Why are you so f****** crap?"

30 years on, Fletcher has finally apologised for his rude call to the group.

Five Star on Going Live (no laugh track, uncensored)

The apology came when a Twitter account dedicated to Top of the Pops trivia posted a video of the call, coinciding with Five Star's appearance on a BBC Four repeat of the show.

Five Star singer Doris Pearson replied to the tweet: "I wanna meet Eliot!! Twitter, do your thing."

Soon after, Fletcher himself responded, saying: "Hi Doris. Thank you and sorry. It's great to hear you're still performing."

"No apology necessary," Doris replied. However, she also admitted that the band had been upset by the incident at the time.

"Was taken aback by it," she told a fan. "We were really young and worked so hard for years. Of course nobody wants to hear someone say their work is awful."Now I look at it completely differently and find the whole thing hilarious!"

Doris even invited Elliot for a "f****** crap night out". Sadly, he turned her down, saying: "Doris would probably throw her drink over me and rightfully so."

Five Star
Five Star. Picture: Getty

Speaking later to the BBC, Doris said she was "in complete shock". "To be reunited with Eliot and receive an apology from him was completely unexpected.

"At least it's defused any animosity between him and the fabulous Five Star fans, as a lot of them were still upset about it."The last thing I'd want is for anyone to get into a fight over it."

Five Star were a hugely popular British pop group in the mid-1980s, selling over 15 million records, with hits such as 'System Addict', 'Rain Or Shine' and 'The Slightest Touch'. They consisted of five siblings: Doris, Denise, Lorraine, Delroy and Stedman Pearson.