This a cappella cover of George Michael's 'Faith' is awesome - video

1 August 2018, 10:44

By Tom Eames

We love a good cover on Smooth, especially when it's of the classic 1980s track variety.

This amazing a cappella cover comes from The Doo Wop Shop, who have taken on George Michael's 'Faith' with fantastic results.

Watch the clip in full above!

The Doo Wop Shop hail from Amherst, Massachusetts, and have been releasing several videos of their brilliant performances on social media in recent months.

Founded in in 1993, the Doo Wop Shop are apparently the oldest (and only all-male) a cappella group at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

They have covered everything from Michael Jackson to Aerosmith in recent times, and we highly recommend hearing their repertoire!