Huey Lewis cancels all tour dates after losing "most" of his hearing

14 April 2018, 00:10

Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis & the News have been forced to cancel the rest of their tour due to their frontman's hearing loss.

The veteran band announced that Lewis had lost "most" of his hearing, and that his doctors have said that he suffers from Meniere's Disease, an inner ear disorder that can lead to vertigo, tinnitus and ear pressure.

"Two and a half months ago, just before a show in Dallas, I lost most of my hearing," he wrote.

"Although I can still hear a little, one on one and on the phone, I can't hear music well enough to sing. The lower frequencies distort violently making it impossible to find pitch.

"The doctors believe I have Meniere's Disease and have agreed that I can't perform until I improve."

He added: “I feel horrible about this, and wish to sincerely apologize to all the fans who’ve already bought tickets and were planning to come see us.

“I’m going to concentrate on getting better, and hope that one day soon I’ll be able to perform again.”

Huey Lewis & the News are best known for their song 'The Power of Love' from the Back to the Future soundtrack.

Their last album was the 2010 release Soulsville.