Fans are loving Ed Sheeran's new Heinz tomato ketchup ad

18 June 2019, 13:49 | Updated: 18 June 2019, 14:00

Ed Sheeran stars in his first Heinz ketchup ad
Ed Sheeran stars in his first Heinz ketchup ad. Picture: Heinz

Ed Sheeran features in the new advert for Heinz tomato ketchup - and fans are loving it!

The 'I Don't Care' singer shared a clip of the new ad on his Instagram today (18 June) which saw him visiting a "posh" restaurant and asking for the ultimate condiment: Heinz tomato ketchup.

Since, fans have been sharing the love for Ed's acting skills - and his swipes at Michelin-starred eateries and the like.


The video opens with the words 'Based on a real DM from Ed Sheeran' and Ed's voice saying "I've got an idea for a Heinz ketchup commercial."

Ed then walks into a swanky looking dining hall, before he's seated by the maître d' and attended to by a waiter, who talks him through the menu.

He's offered: “Posh and fancy blah blah blah, farm-to-table blah blah blah, with a side of blah blah blah,” which is an obvious dig at fine dining.

Noticing something is missing from the dish, Ed goes on to remove a bottle of ketchup from his bag, before slathering his haute cuisine with the sauce.

Horrified, the waiter stands aghast and the camera switches to an equally shocked-looking dog, who's peering out from its owner's arms.

In his Instagram post, Ed Sheeran explained that he sent a voice note to Heinz with his advert idea: "Okay guyz, so it actually happened. I sent a voice note to @heinz, and we made a whole tv spot around it. This is pretty much what I was aiming for in life."

He then cheekily added: "Ketchip ad > stadium tour" and the hashtag #EdChup.

One fan tweeted: "Haha! 2 things I Love have come together in a superb collaboration..."

Fellow singer Camila Cabello also commented: "Me in every restaurant."

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