Who is Paul Cattermole? What the S Club 7 star is doing now

12 September 2019, 14:36

By Tom Eames

Paul Cattermole was a member of one of the UK's biggest pop bands back in the early 2000s.

The former singer joined S Club 7 after several auditions, alongside Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens back in 1999.

Over five years, they scored four UK number one singles and had a string of TV specials, beginning with Miami 7.

The group has returned on and off over the years, most recently with a UK reunion tour back in 2015. But where is Paul now?

Paul will be appearing in an episode of First Dates Hotel tonight (September 12), so let's find out what he's been up to lately:

  1. Paul Cattermole age: How old is he?

    S Club 7 - Bring It All Back (Official Video)

    Paul was born on March 7, 1977. He celebrated his 42nd birthday in 2019.

    He was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and was a member of the National Youth Music Theatre before Simon Fuller picked him for S Club 7.

  2. Did he date Hannah Spearritt?

    Hannah and Paul in 2004
    Hannah and Paul in 2004. Picture: Getty

    Paul and Hannah first met as members of the National Youth Music Theatre in 1994. At the time, Paul was 17, and Hannah was 14.

    In 1999, they were both selected as members of S Club 7, becoming good friends. In May 2001, the friendship became romantic. They kept their relationship a secret for the first six months, waiting until November 2001 to publicly announce it.

    Paul quit the band in 2002, but they continued to date until early 2006.

    In June 2015, the pair reignited their relationship, but split again in November the same year.

    In September 2019, Paul spoke of how he was "forced" into his five-year relationship with Hannah. He told Loose Women that their romance was written into their TV show Hollywood 7, adding: “and because of that, it sort of happened”.

  3. What is Paul doing now?

    Paul Cattermole (in 2000 and 2019)
    Paul Cattermole (in 2000 and 2019). Picture: PA/ITV

    Paul appeared as a non-celebrity contestant looking for love on First Dates Hotel in September 2019.

    In the show, it revealed that Paul works as a community radio station manager, and that he was a famous pop star in his 20s “when I was skinny and good looking”.

    In January 2018, Paul put his Brit Award for Best British Breakthrough Act up for auction on eBay, saying "there are bills to pay." He was declared bankrupt in 2014, and explained he had been unsuccessful in obtaining work in reality TV.