Sting and Shaggy have teamed up for an album, and we're fascinated

28 January 2018, 19:26 | Updated: 25 June 2018, 14:21

Sting has recruited reggae legend Shaggy for a new album, which just sounds incredible.

The pair have unveiled a new song together - 'Don't Make Me Wait' - which is a perfect mixture of both singers, and you can listen to it in full below:

The album will be released later this year, and will be called 44/876. The project came about after the pair became close friends, and is heavily influenced by Jamaican culture.

“The most important thing to me in any kind of music is surprise," Sting told Rolling Stone. "And everybody is surprised by this collaboration — by what they’re hearing. We’re surprising.”

"We’re having a lot of fun, but in this [political] climate instead of going down, we want to raise our game."