Smooth network: Global Travel Terms


Insured Party - Global Media and Entertainment Limited and all subsidiary companies


Insurers - AIG Insurance

Policy No - 0010015211

Policy Dates - 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

Scope - Cover is provided whilst travelling outside the United Kingdom whilst on a holiday provided as a prize by Global Radio.

Interest or subject matter - See attached schedule of benefits and list of principal exclusions under the applicable sections.
Note: This is a brief summary of the cover and exclusions that apply. It does not detail all the policy conditions and exclusions that will be applied to any claim.

Situation - Worldwide (Do not travel against Foreign Commonwealth advice)

Brokers - Arthur J. Gallagher

NOTES: Travel insurance can only be provided in respect of the prize as given away. Should the winner amend the prize, such as change hotels or extend the duration of the holiday, the winner must purchase their own travel insurance to cover the entire trip. Where the prize includes flights only (ie no overseas accommodation is included), travel insurance is only provided in respect of those flights and it is the winner’s responsibility to purchase their own travel insurance to cover them for all other elements of their holiday.
Where the prize includes a holiday to an EEA country, all travellers should carry with them an EHIC card. The card is free to obtain, and applications must be made in advance of travel so that the card arrives before the winner’s intended departure date. Full details can be found on the NHS website: s/about-the-ehic.aspx

Travel Pack - Details of Cover


Main Benefits

1 Death - Maximum £100,000
2 Loss of sight in one eye or loss of one limb - Maximum £100,000
3 Loss of sight in both eyes or loss of two or more limbs, or loss of sight in one eye and loss of one limb - Maximum £100,000
      Loss of speech - Maximum £100,000
      Loss of hearing in both ears - Maximum £100,000
      Loss of hearing in one ear - Maximum of 25% of £100,000
4 Permanent Total Disablement  - Maximum £100,000
   Permanent Partial Disablement - Yes
5 Temporary Total Disablement - Maximum £100 per week
6 Temporary Partial Disablement - Maximum £40 per week


Main Benefits
1 Overseas Medical expenses, Repatriation Expenses, Accommodation and Sustenance Expenses, Domestic Travel Expenses and Foreign Travel Expenses. - Maximum Unlimited
2 Personal Property - Maximum £10,000
    Single article limit - Maximum £2,500
    Delayed Personal Property - Maximum £2,000
    Loss of Travel Documents - Maximum £2,000
3 Money - Maximum £5,000
   Cash Limit - Maximum £2,500
4 Cancellation, Curtailment, Rearrangement and Replacement - Maximum £10.000
(Note: cancellation or curtailment expenses can only be recovered by the party who has incurred the financial loss, eg in the case of holidays won by competition, only the radio station which awarded the prize may claim for cancellation costs)
5 HI-jack - Maximum £25,000
6 Personal liability - Maximum £5,000,000

Travel Pack - Details of Cover


a) Where the insured person is travelling against the advice of the medical practitioner
b) Where the purpose of the trip is to receive medical treatment or advice
c) As a result of the use by an insured person of non-prescribed drug or drugs which cannot be legally obtained from a pharmacy
d) As a result of suicide, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury
e) Any loss due to chipping, scratching or breakage of glass, china or other fragile articles, unless due to fire, theft or accident to the transport in which they were being carried
f) loss or damage due to:
      a) moth, vermin, wear and tear, atmospheric or climatic conditions or gradual deterioration,
      b) mechanical or electrical failure or breakdown;
      c) any process of cleaning, dying, restoring, repairing or alteration
g) Delay caused by a natural catastrophe
h) the Insured Person deciding not to travel prior to commencement, (unless this decision is made as a result of Foreign and Commonwealth Office advising against all but essential travel (or other similar advice for Insured Persons not resident in the United Kingdom) and the advice had not been given before the Trip was booked) or, if on a Trip, deciding not to continue;
i) for the delayed departure of the ship, aircraft or train on which an Insured Person is booked to travel, due to strike, labour dispute, mechanical breakdown or failure of a means of transport, where the delay lasts for less than 24 hours;
j) for the delayed departure of the ship, aircraft or train, due to strike or industrial action which existed or for which advance warning had been given before the date on which the Trip was booked;
k) the delay of a ship, aircraft or train, if
    a) the Insured Person fails to check in according to the itinerary supplied unless the failure was itself due to strike or industrial action; or
    b) the delay is due to the withdrawal from service temporarily or permanently of any ship, aircraft or train on the orders or recommendation of any port authority, rail authority or the Civil Aviation Authority or any similar body in any country.

For full policy terms conditions and exclusions please refer to the full policy wording available on request from Global Media & Entertainment or Arthur J. Gallagher.

In the event of suffering illness or injury whilst abroad, please contact AIG Assistance on:
+44(0) 1273 552 922