Country star Dasha reveals how 'Austin' has changed her life - and what inspired it

25 April 2024, 10:00

Dasha speaks to Smooth Country
Dasha speaks to Smooth Country. Picture: Smooth Country

By Tom Eames

Dasha is arguably the most exciting new star in country music.

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The 24-year-old has scored a huge hit around the world with her incredibly catchy song 'Austin', largely thanks to becoming a favourite on TikTok with its own dance routine.

The California native visited the Smooth Country studio to catch up with Eamonn Kelly, where she opened up about how the song has changed her life in a short space of time.

Dasha also taught Eamonn how to do the 'Austin' dance with... mixed results!

Explaining the story behind 'Austin', Dasha explained: "I was really angry. As you can probably tell, I was pretty upset. No, it's funny. I'd never been to Austin when I wrote the song, and. But if you think about it, the song's not really about the city of Austin. It's more like the excuses this guy would make up and our relationship.

"And I was, like, in this year and a half situationship with this guy in Nashville, and I was just. At a certain point, 'Austin''s, like, the breaking point on my album of, like, wow, I've actually been letting you treat me so poorly. I'm not gonna do that anymore.

Dasha teaches Eamonn the 'Austin' dance routine!

"And so it was, like, my moment of taking, almost, like, my pride and my strength back, being like, I'm leaving you here. Drunk washed up in Austin. Of course, it wasn't actually drunk washed up in Austin. It was drunk washed up in Nashville. But Austin sounded better, so. Period."

Reflecting on how her life has changed in recent months, she spoke about her recent appearance at the CMT Awards, saying: "I mean, it was just wild. And during rehearsals a few days before, 'cause we got in, I think, on Wednesday or so, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, we were all rehearsals for the show.

"I met Kelsea Ballerini backstage, and she was so, so sweet, such an angel. Laney Wilson, she was, like, giving me big sisterly advice, and everyone was just so, so kind, and I wasn't really sure, like, what the vibe was gonna be like me being the newbie, you know, because sometimes it's kind of cliquey.

"You know, like it's my first entrance into the country world, so I wasn't really sure. But everyone was so unbelievably welcoming and so kind and genuinely just excited for me."

Dasha - Austin (Official Music Video)