How to do Dasha's 'Austin' line dance routine from TikTok

25 March 2024, 13:32

Dasha's Austin linedance
Dasha's Austin linedance. Picture: Dasha/TikTok

By Tom Eames

Dasha is one of country music's rising stars, and her song 'Austin' is a viral sensation.

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Dasha, born Anna Dasha Novotny, is a talented singer-songwriter hailing from San Luis Obispo, California.

She now resides in Nashville, the heart of country music. Dasha’s musical journey began with musical theatre at the tender age of five, and she later picked up piano and guitar. Her passion for storytelling and performing shines through her music.

'Austin' is Dasha's big hit for 2024. The track captures the heartache and disillusionment of a partner who fails to leave town as planned.

Not only is it a country banger, but Dasha has perfected a line dance routine which makes it a perfect song for TikTok.

The song went viral on the platform after Dasha filmed various videos of her performing the routine, and now hundreds of people have given it a go, making it 2024's version of Whigfield's 'Saturday Night' (ask your mum).

The numbers speak for themselves: week-on-week, TikTok video creations using “Austin” increased by a staggering 326.58%, with video views soaring by 1235.90%.

How to Do the 'Austin' Line Dance

We were going to write down how to the dance, but let's be honest - you can only really learn it by doing.

Plus, why don't we let the expert herself teach us! Watch the video below to see Dasha's neat instructions:

So put on your cowboy boots, embrace the twang, and let’s line dance to the infectious 'Austin'!

Dasha - Austin