Prince William and Kate play drums and bobsleigh when visiting Bob Marley’s home in Jamaica

23 March 2022, 09:56

Prince William and Kate Middleton continue Caribbean tour as they celebrate Jamaican culture

By Mayer Nissim

Prince William and Kate get musical when they visit Bob Marley's old home in Jamaica.

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Jamaica gained its independence in 1962, but is still part of the Commonwealth.

So the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge naturally visited the country on their tour of the Caribbean to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

The royals took the time to celebrate some internationally renowned parts of Jamaican culture by visiting Bob Marley's old Kingston home in Trench Town and playing the drums.

Marley's former home is now a museum dedicated to the reggae icon.

The couple got on the skins to help back up a group of musicians singing Rastafarian nyabinghi chants.

Kate and Prince William play the drums in Jamaica
Kate and Prince William play the drums in Jamaica. Picture: Alamy

William said: "So much musical history was made here."

The couple visited Marley's old bedroom and the room in which he wrote some of his biggest songs

William and Kate also channeled Cool Runnings – the Disney retelling of the true story of the Jamaica national bobsleigh team at the 1988 Winter Olympics – by getting into a two-person sleigh.

Kate Middleton stuns in multicoloured dress as she visits Trench Town with Prince William

Prince William played football alongside former local boys Raheem Sterling and Leon Bailey who were both born in Kingston, Jamaica.

Sterling moved to England when he was five and is a star player for Manchester City, while Bailey moved to Europe as a teenager and currently plays for Aston Villa, who William supports.

The royal visit has been without its controversies, as it comes amid a backdrop of discussions around a formal apology and reparations for slavery, and reports that Jamaica is planning to leave the Commonwealth.