Bohemian Rhapsody editor responds to criticisms over this widely mocked scene

18 March 2019, 17:31

By Tom Eames

Bohemian Rhapsody was hugely successful at both the box office and during awards season.

However, not all viewers were particularly pleased with one area of the film: the editing.

Bohemian Rhapsody won four Oscars in total, including Rami Malek for Best Actor, and for Best Editing.

The Queen biopic made headlines after the departure of original director Bryan Singer, and is now being criticised for one scene in particular.

The scene depicts the moment the band meet manager John Reid for the very first time.

Some critics weren't happy with its multiple, dizzying shots, with some saying that it should actually have won the Academy Award for 'Most Editing' rather than Best Editing.

Editor John Ottman has now opened up about the negative reaction, saying that he would have made big changes to that scene if he ever had the chance to do so.

"Whenever I see it, I want to put a bag over my head," said Ottman (via The Washington Post). "Because that's not my aesthetic. If there's ever an extended version of the film where I can put a couple scenes back, I will recut that scene!"

Ottman also spoke about the critically-acclaimed Live Aid sequence, where he had to cut from 25 to 13 minutes.

"No matter how good the film was up to that point, if Live Aid didn't work, the entire film would collapse and be a downer," Ottman said.

"It had to feel emotionally exhausting, in a good way. It couldn't feel like it was being cut down. Because the moment you knew it was being cut down, it was no longer experiential."

It was recently reported that Bohemian Rhapsody could actually be getting some kind of sequel in the future.