Olly Murs facts: Singer's age, girlfriend, family, songs and more revealed

4 May 2023, 13:59

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Olly Murs has been one of the most successful pop acts of the last decade.

Since his arrival on The X Factor to his many number one singles, he's one of the most likeable guys in pop.

Also a successful TV presenter including ITV's Starstruck, here are all the big facts about Olly Murs that every fan should know:

  1. Who is Olly Murs?

    Olly Murs is a British singer-songwriter, who rose to fame after finishing second in the 2009 series of The X Factor.

    He has since scored four UK number one albums and four UK number one singles. He has also moved into TV presenting, and most recently appeared as a coach on The Voice UK.

  2. Olly Murs age: How old is he?

    Olly Murs was born on May 14, 1984.

    He celebrates his 39th birthday in 2023.

    He was born in Witham, Essex, and is the son of Vicky-Lynn and Pete Murs. He has a twin brother, Ben Murs, and a sister, Fay Murs.

    His paternal grandfather was Latvian, and had moved to the UK with his parents, Edward and Kathe Murs, in 1948.

  3. Olly Murs girlfriend: Is he dating anyone?

    In December 2019, Olly confirmed that he was dating bodybuilder Amelia Tank.

    Speaking to The Sun about his girlfriend, he said: "I haven’t had a girlfriend for four years at Christmas, it’s been a bit lonely. So this year is going to be great.

    "This is new for me. I had a girlfriend four years ago but this feels completely different, it feels fresh and new."

    He previously dated property manager Francesca Thomas for three years from 2013 to 2016, and has been rumoured to have had relationships with TV presenters Caroline Flack and Melanie Sykes.

  4. Who is Olly's brother?

    Olly's brother Ben getting married in 2009
    Olly's brother Ben getting married in 2009. Picture: Shutterstock

    Olly has a twin brother named Ben, but he has not spoken to him since falling out during his time on The X Factor in 2009.

    Appearing on The Voice in 2020, the pop singer was overcome with emotion after twins auditioned for the competition.

    When asked by fellow Voice judge Will.i.am what his brother looks like, Olly said: “We haven’t spoken for 10 years.

    "We had a big argument. I was on X Factor and I couldn’t make his wedding because I was on the show.”

    Asked where his brother lives, Olly emotionally replied: “I have no idea.

    "I feel like the next time I am going to see him is going to be at the worst place to see someone. It will be at someone’s [funeral] that we lose in the family. I don’t want that to be the case.

    “I miss having my twin with me... This bond as a twin, it was something I was proud about and I still am.”

    Ben - who changed his surname to help distance himself from his family - said back in 2017: “I was very close to my parents but fame... changed everything.”

    Olly decided not to be the best man at Ben's wedding in order to compete in the X Factor semi-final, leading his brother to label him a "self-obsessed sell out".

    "Our family was torn apart because of X Factor," Ben said in 2009. "It was clear that people like Simon Cowell were more important to him than me."

    The gamble paid off for Olly career-wise, as he reached the final and finished in second place. Olly has since become one of the show's most successful stars.

  5. Olly Murs songs: What are his biggest hits?

    Olly Murs - Dear Darlin'

    Olly has scored four UK number one singles: 'Please Don't Let Me Go', 'Heart Skips a Beat', 'Dance With Me Tonight' and 'Troublemaker'.

    His other hits include 'Dear Darlin'', 'Army of Two', 'Wrapped Up', 'Up' (with Demi Lovato) and 'Moves'.

  6. He was once on Deal or No Deal


    In 2007, two years before he found fame, he appeared on the game show Deal or No Deal. However, he sadly only won £10!

    He returned for a celebrity version of the show in 2012, making him the only person to appear on it twice.