Olly Murs gets stuck in a truck on live TV, and needs Holly and Phil to rescue him

28 February 2019, 12:40

By Tom Eames

Holly Willoughby branded poor Olly as "rubbish" after the mishap.

Today’s episode of This Morning saw Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield having to rescue Olly Murs from a pesky van door.

A truck was in the studio after being driven in by Alison Hammond for the ITV show’s competition as part of an A Team theme.

Before his interview about The Voice, Olly was seen sitting in the vehicle. However, when he tried to get out, the door apparently didn't want to work.

The singer struggled with the handle, forcing Holly to head over and help him out, as the studio burst into fits of laughter.

After she opened the door, Holly joked: “Olly Murs, you are rubbish!”

Olly later joked about the incident on Twitter, calling him "smooth" as ever:

We wouldn't argue with that!