Watch ‘Africa’ by Toto sung by a triumphant gospel choir

11 March 2018, 10:23

It’s one of the most fist-clinchingly brilliant songs ever written, but we’re used to hearing ‘Africa’ performed by Toto, not by a choir - even less by a choir that actually mimics the sound of a thunderstorm as an intro.

Got a penchant for geographically inaccurate songs from the ‘80s? Then you’ll be familiar with Toto’s immortal ‘Africa’.

But we don’t think you’ll have heard it performed quite like this before. The Angel City Chorale’s spellbinding version is really something - inspirational, inventive and they even manage to bust out that iconic keyboard solo!

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That incredible intro is worth mentioning too: have you ever seen an entire thunderstorm made by a choir just using their hands? Amazing stuff.