When Donny Osmond emotionally broke down during brother Merrill's final ever live show

11 April 2022, 17:12 | Updated: 27 October 2022, 16:30

Donny and Merrill Osmond
Donny and Merrill Osmond. Picture: Donny Osmond/Getty

By Tom Eames

Donny Osmond paid tribute to his older brother Merrill Osmond on his final ever live show earlier this year.

Donny, 64, was photographed emotionally hugging his brother Merrill, 68, after the latter performed his final ever show.

Merrill was staging his final concert back in the spring, and brother Donny said it was a "night he'll never forget".

Donny tweeted a photo of him embracing his brother from behind, as Merrill performed for the excited crowd.

"It was a night I'll never forget. I went to my brother, Merrill's final performance here in the US," Donny wrote.

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"As I watched him, I turned into a fan myself as I sang along with all of the other fans packing the Westgate theater, where we performed together in the 70s."

Donny added that Merrill asked him to join him on stage at the end of the show.

"As he sang his closing song, I couldn't help but give my brother a farewell hug," he added. "Yes, it took all of us to create The Osmonds, but it was Merrill's voice that created the sound. It was an amazing moment. Thank you, my brother."

It was an emotional night for fans, as Merrill closed out the show with 'Hard To Say Goodbye' for his last ever performance in the US.

The Osmonds - which also featured brothers Jay, Alan, Wayne and Jimmy - were one of the most successful music groups of all time, peaking in the 1970s. Their hits included 'Let Me In', 'Love Me For A Reason', 'I'm Still Gonna Need You' and 'Crazy Horses'.

The Osmonds in 1970
The Osmonds in 1970. Picture: Getty

Merrill spoke to Smooth's sister station Gold in 2021, and revealed how The Beatles and Led Zeppelin were big fans of The Osmonds.

"First of all, Zeppelin. I mean, when Zeppelin wanted to meet us – we met them backstage," he said. "They got up on their stage to do their show, and then they invited us to come up on stage with them.

"You know, the industry itself, in the ‘70s, we were all like a big family. And we all knew each other’s style. We listened to each other’s music.

"And here we are – Led Zeppelin wanting to meet the Osmonds. And we’re on stage with Zeppelin. I mean, people there, watching Zeppelin, were probably not our fans. But when Zeppelin introduced us, it was an amazing reaction."