Shane MacGowan's wife shares adorable five-year anniversary photo

28 November 2023, 11:25

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By Mayer Nissim

Shane MacGowan's wife continues to raid the family photo archive to share lovely snaps with fans.

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Shane MacGowan has struggled with health issues and hospitalisation in recent years, but through it all his wife Victoria Mary Clarke has kept fans in the loop by sharing positive messages and photos.

Some of her images have been recent and some from the archives, and this week Victoria raided the family photo album for a very special photograph.

"One of my favourite pictures of our wedding which was five years ago today," Victoria said.

"Getting to Copenhagen was quite an achievement and I suppose just getting through some of the stuff that we all went through to get to be still alive was a massive achievement!

"It was a beautiful thing to feel so much love ❤️ from everyone who made it possible, a wedding is very much a collaboration."

MacGowan, formerly frontman of The Pogues, was recently released home after being admitted to intensive care.

He was first diagnosed with viral encephalitis – an inflammation of the brain – last year, and has been in and out of hospital since then.

Victoria has thanked those who have visited him, including his Pogues bandmates Spider Stacy and Terry Woods.

Shane MacGowan and his now-wife Victoria Mary Clarke
Shane MacGowan and his now-wife Victoria Mary Clarke. Picture: Getty Images

In an Instagram post earlier this month she said: "Love ❤️ is the most beautiful and powerful thing that we can experience as humans but love can also feel painful especially if you are afraid of losing a person or anything else that you love 💗.

"The really really big challenge that we all face is to go beyond what our minds think are the limits of love and what love really is. A lot of the time that thing we call love can more accurately be described as attachment or desire or need or longing or closeness or connection.

"And all of these are totally valuable and human and we need to acknowledge and appreciate and accept every part of our experience."