Boy George facts: Culture Club singer's real name, boyfriend, age, net worth and more

9 March 2022, 16:58

Boy George
Boy George. Picture: Getty

Boy George became an international superstar in the 1980s thanks to his unique fashion and amazing voice.

With Culture Club and Boy George back together, here are all the big facts every fan should know about the pop icon...

  1. What is Boy George's real name?

    Boy George was born George Alan O'Dowd in Eltham, London.

    His Irish parents are Jeremiah and Dinah O'Dowd, and he has four brothers and one sister.

  2. When did Boy George join Culture Club?

    Culture Club
    Culture Club. Picture: Getty

    Boy George's androgynous style of dressing caught the attention of music producer Malcolm McLaren, who had previously been the manager of the Sex Pistols. He arranged for George to perform with the group Bow Wow Wow.

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    Going by the stage name Lieutenant Lush, his time with Bow Wow Wow proved difficult with lead singer Annabella Lwin. He eventually left the group and started his own band with bassist Mikey Craig.

    They were joined by drummer Jon Moss and guitarist Roy Hay. They chose the name Culture Club to refer to the band's various ethnic backgrounds.

  3. What are Boy George's biggest songs?

    With Culture Club, Boy George scored several big hits around the world including 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?' and 'Karma Chameleon'.

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    He also had success as a solo artist, including the UK number one 'Everything I Own'.

  4. How old is Boy George?

    Boy George was born on June 14, 1961.

    He celebrated his 60th birthday in 2021.

  5. What is Boy George's net worth?

    Boy George is estimated to have a net worth of around $35 million (£26.5m).

  6. Who is Boy George's boyfriend?

    Boy George is not currently known to be in a relationship. In 2015, he posted on Instagram that he was single.

    When he was with Culture Club, much media attention was given to his androgynous appearance, and there was speculation about his sexuality.

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    While he never flatly denied that he was gay, when asked in interviews about his sexual orientation, he gave various answers. In 1985, when asked by Barbara Walters about his sexual orientation, George said he was bisexual and had various girlfriends, as well as boyfriends. One famous response to an interviewer was that he preferred "a nice cup of tea" to sex.

    In his book Take It Like a Man, George said he had secret relationships with punk rock singer Kirk Brandon and Culture Club drummer Jon Moss.