Church builds a baby Jesus that looks exactly like Phil Collins

21 November 2019, 09:41

By Tom Eames

The 22-foot tall, 2,000-pound statue might be the largest baby Jesus in the world, plus we reckon he's amazing at drums.

A church in Mexico has unveiled a massive statue of baby Jesus, that accidentally looks VERY similar to a young Phil Collins.

The statue is nearly 22 feet tall, weighs 2,000 pounds and was created using fiberglass, resin, automotive paste and car paint.

Sculptor Roman Salvador made the statute, which was built in the city of Chimalhuacán before being moved to La Epifanía del Señor church in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

While the humongous baby Jesus is an impressive sight, once someone pointed out that it bore an uncanny resemblance to the former Genesis drummer in his full-80s pomp.

He even has a widow's peak that is undeniably Collins:

Priest Humberto Rodriguez said the statue was only created to fit the large dimensions of the church, but after receiving it, they wondered if their Jesus was the biggest in the world.

The church then found out that the previous record-holder was just 16 feet tall and 661 pounds, so Guinness has now declared it a world record.

Against All Odds, they've only gone and done it.