Jamie xx releases new song 'Life' with Robyn

18 June 2024, 11:40

Jamie xx live
Jamie xx live. Picture: Getty Images

By Mayer Nissim

Jamie xx releases the latest teaser from his upcoming studio album.

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Jamie xx has released his latest single from his forthcoming record In Waves.

The xx man has collaborated with Swedish artist Robyn on the track 'Life', the third teaser from the album after 'Baddy on the Floor' and 'Treat Each Other Right'.

In Waves is the long-awaited follow-up to Jamie xx's debut solo studio album In Colour, which was released back in 2015.

Since the release of In Colour, Jamie xx returned to his day job with The xx, releasing 2017's I See You.

In addition to the new hookup with Robyn, In Waves features a number of collaborations.

Jamie xx - Life feat. Robyn

The track 'Waited All Night', yet to be released, features Romy and Oliver Sim, effectively making it a track by The xx.

“It’s been a while… and a lot has happened in that time,” Jamie xx said on announcing the new album.

"Ups and downs, growing up, figuring stuff out and then forgetting it all many times over. Life changing events and world changing events.

Robyn in concert
Robyn in concert. Picture: Getty Images

"These waves that we have all experienced together and alone.

"I wanted to make something fun, joyful and introspective all at once. The best moments on a dance floor are usually that for me."

In Waves is released via XL on September 20, 2024.